Request for help installing Meshtastic App on Android

Having spent many hours trying the install the Meshtastic app to an android device and failed, I’m hoping some one might be able to help me out. I understand that google play is no longer an option to download it at the moment. I’ve looked at Github but unsure how to do this. Any advice would be grateful.


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The above is a link to the app file. What you need to do is ‘Sideload’ the app. This is guide on how to do it, there are many others out there. Just search for 'sideload app android 9/10/11)


Thanks all for your help! much appreciated,

Install VYSOR on your WIN PC or LAPTOP, connect android device, drag and drop the APK to you android desktop, wait, install completed

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In addition to the Amazon Appstore, Meshtastic is available on F-Droid (an unofficial appstore) if you add the repository

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Thanks to all your messages, I’ve been really impressed by your help and quick responses. Hopefully I will do the same and help out other users in the future once I get some experience with meshtastic! First impressions of meshtestic is that its cheep and impressive! I’m not sure what application I’m going to be using it for yet but it fun experimenting with it.

Just download the apk file to your phone, open it and install it. On the way it will ask you to allow install from unknown sources, just follow and allow the setting :wink:

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