Remote/headless pairing?

I’m not sure exactly what to call it, but I’m seeing if I missed some sort of way to pair my device(s) without actually having it right in front of me to see the code. I’ve had a radio in a weatherproof box bolted to an antenna mast on my roof since Sep 20 and due to some changes in my Android devices, I’ve lost the connection to it. I guess I could’ve mounted the box at ground level and extended the antenna wire, but I wasn’t wanting to degrade performance and also wanted to see how well the setup does out in the elements. Long term plan is to have similar units put up where I can around town and this is kinda my prototype, I guess. I’m wondering if there’s a way to make bluetooth pairing a generic number and set a passcode to connect afterwards or something? I don’t know if this is all coming out of my head the best, but hopefully someone comes across this and gets what I’m asking!

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I think the paring pin is shown in the serial console. Maybe your next revision could include a long usb cable.

Two things come to mind … extend the button to where you can reach it. A double click will force the password to 123456

Or you can extend the display to where you can see it. I2c should be able to go maybe 10ft, but no promises.