Relay forwarding other radio info - Help please

I’m wondering when a radio operating in router mode, picks up other radios, should it relay the name, signal strength, gps location and battery % to all radios within range?

What I can’t figure does relay A forward to relay b, all the radio names gps locations, signal strengths that are connected to it and make this information available to all users connected to relay b? This does not seem to be happening, is it meant to? All radios are t-beam with firmware- including relays and users 1.2.31

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Yes if radio A sends location, Bat, messages to relay 1 that will get forwarded to relay 2 Which than gets sent to the other radio B, so radio B will know who sent the message and status of the radio.

@Dave032285 Thanks for confirming this. I’ve discovered that for this to happen reliably, relay A & Relay B and all radios connected to either must have a good stable strong connection.