Raspberry pi Pico connectivity options

Hi guys,

I have a raspberry pi pico (not the Wireless version) and i would like to know what options are available to connect it apart from USB.
I am planning to put it on a mast outside the house and a 10(?) meter USB cable is not feasible.
Can i use a serial to TCP/IP adapter to connect it to my LAN?
What are my options?

Thanks a lot!

You can get 10m ‘USB Extenders’ - that include an ‘active repeater’. Effectively an extra long USB cable. Seems easier.
Something like: usb extender 10m - Google Search

Suspect a serial adaptor will be more work, as would need probably need a USB->Serial adapter too, so you still connect to the USB port on the pico. Connecting directly to UART pins, would probably be more work, and not sure if can flash new firmware over the Serial/UART connection.

… might be able to use a USB Extender that works over ‘network’ (ie tcp/ip). Would probably want to combine with Power over Ethernet to get power up the pole too. POE usb extender ethernet - Google Search
That would probably be slightly easier than serial, as would give you a USB connection can directly connect the pico to.

Thanks for the reply mate!One question,have you used the serial module option?Is it only for peripherals (GPS, etc.) or can you connect there a serial->tpc/ip for communication with the module?

The ‘Serial’ module, seems to be a seperate serial/UART port, which can be used to connect/communicate with other devices.
(no I havent used it directly, other than to once connect a serial monitor to see that it worked. Didnt really look at it. )

… so seems like a serial bridge could be used to communicate with the device. Use ‘PROTO’ mode to communicate from/with a ‘client’ Serial Module Configuration | Meshtastic

But it the distinct to the ‘main’ serial connection accessible via USB. As I understand it the pico includes a USB->serial bridge built in. But it still that uses that same connection for programming and flashing new uf2 files.

So reprogramming the device (eg new firmware) is going to be tricky over pure serial. Not sure if could put it into stdio mode if already flashed with meshtastic. GitHub - raspberrypi/picotool

I will give it a shot.Although i tried setting serial output enabled and proto enabled.But all i was left was a (ssd1306) screen with the meshtastic logo and no further communication from the onboard pico usb.The documentation for the Pico is limited,so i don’t know what behavior is normal and what’s not.I will experiment with setting different uart pins and see where that gets me.As for the firmware “flashing” i don’t plan to use serial for that,usb is just fine.For long distance communication i prefer ethernet,also it’s easier for the integration with LAN.

Finally i was able to communicate with the module without the USB (Web UI not available this way,only android app).
1 enable serial output and proto mode
2 set pin 8 TX and 9 RX (other uart pins didn’t work)
3 use a serial->TCP/IP converter (TCP server mode) static IP/4403 port with 115200 baud rate
4 Go to the app and set your ip and voila!

Thanks barryhunter for your directions!