RAKwireless 10th Anniversary: Meshtastic Contest Announcement

Hi everyone,

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’re excited to announce the Meshtastic contest! Here’s how you can participate and stand a chance to win some fantastic prizes:

Contest Categories

  1. LoRa Mesh Innovation Challenge: Showcase your creative and unique use of the RAK Meshtastic Modules/Kit. Demonstrate its capabilities in a specific area.

  2. Proof of Mesh Contest: Share how you’re using the RAK modules/devices for mesh network applications with a photo of your Meshtastic app, OLED display, Meshtastic Map, etc.

Entry Submission:

  1. Choose Your Category: Pick between the two categories and share your project.

  2. Post Your Entry: Share your project on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Include:

  • A photo/video of your original Meshtastic Kit setup with a description of its uniqueness.

  • Make sure to tag the RAKwireless social media account on your post and use the hashtags: #MeshNetworkChallenge #RAKMeshtasticKit

  1. Follow RAK on social media: Make sure you’re following RAK on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Contest runs from July 1 - 12, 2024. Top 3 with the most number of reactions on their post can get a chance to win the WisMesh Pocket and other cool prizes. Check out the full mechanics at https://bit.ly/4cHsuaG

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The Meshtastic contest is still open until July 12. Submit your entries on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Check out the full mechanics here - Celebrate RAKwireless's 10th Anniversary with the Meshtastic Contest!