QR scan in app?

Is there a QR scan feature available in app? (I couldn’t find one.) I know the QR can be scanned in an external app and the app will handle the mock URL.

If there is a scan feature in app perhaps it could reduce user questions related to whether the app needs internet to share channel settings? (It doesn’t need internet.)


We could add one but it was a low priority because the standard Android camera app (at least for the past few years) automatically does qr scanning of any QR it sees.

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Ah, I wasn’t aware that it is functionality built into the standard camera app.

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I’ve used Barcode Scanner for years, but just thought it would be a good addition to the app. There’s a lot of things that just aren’t clear in the app, like the part where the URL is not actually meant to go to the website and instead be handled by the app itself.

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