Publishing a mod tutorial

Administrator Sirs:
I have created a short mod tutorial for the charge rate of the Heltec LoRa 32’s that I would like to share with the community. How would I best do that? It currently resides as an OpenOffice document but can be PDF or…? What is the best way for me to share?
Thank you

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Please make a pull with the information to the docs, this is probably the right page Heltec device | Meshtastic


A pull? Umm the last time someone had me pull something it was my grandfather and his finger…not a good idea and 50 years ago. This is a 3.1 meg PDF. I might need a tutorial for the tutorial because I’m not sure even where(what) to pull. The link just takes me to the basic Meshtastic page…or have I missed something there?

There are no PDF files in the docs, you add the text to the docs and submit a pull request to have your changes reviewed and accepted into the documentation. There is a link to edit this page at the bottom of the linked docs page above.

Ok. Thank you but no. That is way beyond the little “if you want a faster charge…here ya go…with pictures”. The other forums I’m on have a place for members to share tidbits, files and little how-to’s. I’m a little to informal for that.
If anybody wants it I do have e-mail…or whatever else. Possibly even other formats.

Try attaching it here using the upload button. It’s a pity you’re not ready for submitting a change to the website, as we’re always looking for more maintainers of the documents. But if you stick it up on here we can have a look, and one of us might be able to do the pull request for you.

Nope… only images it seems.
Not reliable enough for a maintainer. Also if I understood what I need to know to do a “Pull” ( I understand the concept)it is the details that I lack. I have been in it since Forth was a language…but not these types of “shared” programming things. What is needed is a write-up with “How to put on your sox” level of detail. It’s what everyone else knows that I don’t. Still want to share the things that make DIY the joy it is though. I don’t think my level of writing these things is up to that quality anyhow, too informal.
Thanx so far, not giving up yet.