Precedence of yaml files

Just so i have an understanding: From reading this forum and actual experience it appears that certain modes (client, repeater, etc.) takes the yaml file and throws it out the window and sets the T-beam configuration variables to that mode (client, repeater, etc.) REGARDLESS of what the yaml files says.

Is that a true observation? How can I force/overide what the device wants to do against the wishes of what is in the yaml file? In other words, i want the yaml file to be used ONLY as a reference on how to set up the device?

Are you trying to set a bunch of the power settings?

If BT is considered part of the power (waitBlutoothSecs), then yes. BT appears to shut down after the unit boots up UNLESS you log into the unit during that initial 60 secs after bootup…

60 seconds is the default, your huge number probably does nothing

OK, so let’s say i pick 600 then (10 mins). Unless i log into the device within the first 60 secs (default i believe) after it boots up, then BT shuts down… My observation is that it doesn’t appear to keep what I send within the yaml file.

Is that expected?

I want to have the yaml file control (i.e. overwrite) the default (canned) settings for a given type of node (client, repeater, etc.). Is that possible (my original question)?

The power settings (any config value you set with power.) are not really meant to be changed by users. If you want to determine the exact behavior you are going to need to track the code in the firmware.

The note in the docs is totally accurate and is the recommendation for nearly everyone

Power settings are advanced configuration, most users should choose a role under Device Config to manage power for their device and should never need to touch any of these settings.

Then how do i keep the bluetooth from shutting down if not accessed within the first 60 seconds. it is annoying to have to reboot the system each time i want to access the client.

You are using repeater mode and want to connect a client as well? There should be a role for what you want already. I would just forget about the power settings completely, they are unnecessary.

the problem is the BT locks out after 60 seconds (or whatever the default timeout is) and you have to reboot the device to get back into it…i want to override this “feature”…

is it possible to override the defaults with the yaml? Yes or No…

If yes - how???

You use the appropriate role, the power settings are a complete waste of your time, not sure how to be more clear about that.