Playing with 1.3.2x Alpha Version

Did you mean it’s best if I’m using 1.3?
I have not decided what to test it with, since I spent all of today trying out 1.3 and it’s still quite buggy. I might just be forced to test it out with 1.2.x

The software modifications are not extensive, it will be just a proof of concept to establish satellite connectivity. It can be easily ported over to 1.3

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1.2 is not in a good place for creating updated builds, so if you have code to add it pretty much has to be in 1.3

It’ll just be for testing for now. The real target is 1.3/latest of course.

I’m planning to create a 1.2 fork with some basic modifications to test if we can establish 2-way connectivity with a satellite. If it works then we’ll move ahead with full fledged contributions to 1.3

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what is your target device, t-beam? or heltec , or, or … ???

Going to test with a T-Echo and T-Beam running the SX1262 at 869.4 MHz.

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