Pairing issue - OnePlus 5T


Just upgraded the apps and T-Beams to latest releases (EU0.7.6 and Android App 0.7.78/16th June), and the OnePlus 5T won’t connect.

It says: Unexpected bluetooth scan failure: 2.

The Phone Bluetooth can see the T-Beams and will pair, but never show in the App.

Have clicked report bug in the app.

Samsung S20 working fine, and a LOT more reliably in the latest builds.



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I’ll look up error code two tonight.

hmm - seems to be scan_failed_application_registration_failed, though I haven’t received the bug report yet (It can take up to two days it seems).

I found two hints on this bug in stack overflow. Before I code something up, can you try an experiment? Take your failing oneplus and click, disable bluetooth wait 30secs is, then reenable and wait 30 seconds. Then go to the app and see if the devices are appearing?

If not appearing, try rebooting the phone and see if the devices then show up.

Based on this info I can have the code do a similar workaround.


A turn off/on of the bluetooth for 30secs let us find it - though I did try that earlier and it didn’t work.

However, it’s also bit hit and miss whether it appears in the app each time we go back into it.

The “Your Name” box is quite often uneditable. And we also had a full app crash. I submitted a bug report immediately after that as well.

When it’s working it does seem stable, except when sending a new message the sending phone often has it appear twice (and then it deletes back down to 1 message) (This is on both phones.)


You won’t be allowed to edit the name unless a radio is currently connected to the app.

Ok - I’ll add a hack to turn off BLE and back on if I ever receive this error two code. (to make old BLE implementations work a bit better)

Not only does my ttgo-lora32-v1 not show up in apps compared to other Bluetooth devices, but the connection itself is not stable.
I think there is a hardware problem.

I think this bug was just fixed in the 0.7.80 device code.

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Yep - things much more stable.

Just the double appearance on the sending device still happening.

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