Page Cycle button on board

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new to Meshtastic, and I discovered it after buying 3 LoRa boards that does not have the service button to cycle through pages.

I found on the main site that I should be able to add such button by shorting GPIO 12 and GND, but this does not seems to work on my board.

For reference, this is the item I bought: DollaTek LORA32 V2.0 868MHz ESP32 Lora OLED 0.96 Pollici SD Card Display Blu modulo WiFi Bluetooth con Antenna : Elettronica

Following the pinout present in the product images I shorted the 6th pin (GPIO12) and the last one (GND) on the left side of the image with a jumper wire, but nothing happened.

Can you help me figuring out why it is not working?
It might be super useful to have the full capabilities of the OLED display instead of just last message.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, to use the button you need to enable it on in the configuration file. I think some one have already done it.


This bit has been very useful, I hadn’t digged inside source, but I found that for my board the button pin is 0 instead of 12, and with that it works.

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