Oops - transmit power was being set a bit too low

Based on this comment:

I just noticed we’ve been defaulting sx1262 power to 17 dBm, but it can do 22 dBm. I’m checking in a fix, but it should help range a lot.

Similarly the more common rf95 radios were being limited to 17 dBm, but they actually can do up to 20 dBm. I’ve just checked in a fix so you can use that higher power level if you want. Though a caveat: the datasheet says not to use this higher power level without a limited duty cycle. In practice our duty cycle is fairly limited, but there is nothing guaranteeing that. Which is why I have these radios default to 17 dBm.

I haven’t checked regulatory limits for various countries, so you shouldn’t bump up this power without checking that yourself.

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Ok, basically a good practice would be to warn the user in the app when they set a power regilation over 17 dBm.You could place a pop-up like: You should first check your country regulations.Are you sure you want to proceed with this power level?

This is what DJI does when you are in a forbidden zone and you try to launch a drone.This is the best way to let the setting be done at the user-level and mentain safety in the same time.

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