Occasionally no access through web interface

Occasionally I cannot access the module through the web interface.
I flash the module again and then it works again (for a while).
What can I do?

What firmware version are you running

Firmware version
It happens with Edge, Chrome and Firefox on Windows11

What are the occasions that the web server find the files? Does it take a restart?

As far as I know there are no special occasions when it happens.
I play a bit with the device settings in the “mestastic-flasher”.
After that, when I try to start the web interface sometimes it doesn’t work anymore.
A restart is no help, only a reflash solves the problem.

Can you post your device settings

At the moment I have no problems with the web interface.
I also lack the time to investigate further when things go wrong.
As soon as there are problems again will dump in the settings.

Not sure if your problem has been completely resolved but I think I can heed some light onto what you might be experiencing.

The web content that is hosted from the esp is stored separately from the rest of the firmware and can be updated/erased independently. By visiting the admin panel you should be able to re-install or update the web content without refreshing the firmware; the web content has been going through lots of developments and I have ran into issues in the past but I expect things to get much better soon.

If you want a better experience from the webUI, update to the latest 1.3 alpha

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