Not saving local GPS by range testing


I’m not quite sure whats the reason for not saving the local GPS coords into the generated csv file. A sender coords are saved but not the local ones. The receiver has no GPS but it should get GPS coords from the APP. The sender receives the Position packet and shows the distance to the receiver but receiver internally doesn’t keep the GPS locally. According to the documentation it should, right?


What is the purpose of saving coordinates locally!


So, the local gps lat/lon is set correctly for the node, but the RangeTestPlugin still writes 0.0

16:30:41,-1393309604,Vodkin_c85c,55.660000,12.130000,0.000000,0.000000,0,11.000000,0,"seq 1"

only the fixed coords of the sender are logged (55.660000,12.130000)
I don’t understand how could this be