New Plugin - RangeTestPlugin

I will probably need to update things, Ive been in a funk and hibernating but Im back now. I made a tool that can be used to backup and flash the radios using a GUI it the meshtastic pyGUI project and If you need help let me know

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Hi folks,

How do you get the CSV off the radio?

I just got my Meshtastic devices built, and all these instructions seem to be referring to a web interface to do that… But Initial configuration | Meshtastic says that the Web server isn’t available in the 1.2.x firmware, which is what I’ve got, as the Android app refused to work with the older firmware the boards came with.

Even if the serial approach works, it would still apparently fill up some filesystem somewhere and that wouldn’t be great either.

How can I:

  1. Download the generated file?

  2. Remove it from the Meshtastic device?

I have the T-beam boards.


Check out the range test plugin doc:

The software access point is broken in the current builds and a fix will be published in next week’s release. Use the wifi client to have the device connect to your existing network.

I think the problem is deeper than that. I did connect it to the existing network, but it serves up a 0-byte document on port 80 and also on port 443.

The link I mentioned, , says:

Pre-requisite: You have Meshtastic Device firmware between version 1.0.32 - 1.1.50. A client for version 1.2.x will be released shortly and the documentation will be updated accordingly.


Updated (Nov 20, 2021) - The process to use the web interface will soon be included in the default builds downloaded from the usual places. This document will be updated soon. Hang tight :slight_smile:

So I’m guessing that the web interface, at least, can’t be used to get this file. Hence my question about alternatives.


The files needed for the webserver on the device are in the spiff file.
You need to use the script (found in the zipfile) when installing the FW on the device.
More info here:

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Ohh … looks like the file system browser was replaced by the web interface.

Go to:

http://(your ip here)/static/rangetest.csv

That’s the direct path to the file.

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Thank you! Is there a way to delete it so that the filesystem doesn’t fill up?

If you look in the web page - plugins - file browser. you can see a trash can icon at the end of the “rangetest.csv” to delete the file.
i have had varying success in creating a new file after deleting it once and have had to reflash a few times.

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Is it possible to call the most recent location from the GPS when sending out a position with the range test plugin?
Using a T-Beam with the u-blox GPS and even with a larger GPS antenna it seems to only update the GPS position its sending (or referencing when the moving T-beam is the saving unit) after many transmissions, this results in many successful transmissions within my area but the map shows most of them from only a few locations. this is over a period of about an hour of testing.

I have tried changing the gps_attempt_time and gps_update_interval without any changes. also made sure “GpsOpMobile” is selected. I have also tried turning on position_broadcast_smart.

Is it the ESP32 that’s choosing to send the old positions or is the ublox only updating the positions very rarely? is there a setting to get a updated fix faster?

Thanks :slight_smile:

When sending position, we use whatever plumbing is used by the device firmware to acquire the location. This means it could come from the phone or gps device itself.

The receiver (the one saving results) always takes from the GPS.

Happy to accept PRs if changes to this is made :slight_smile:

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A few questions.

im thinking of using meshtastic in a series of offroad vehicles to track the offroad groups “locations” and be able to send “emergency messages” to the rest of the group. With the idea that with there may me 5-10 miles between the 1st and last vehicle, as long as each node in the group can communicate it will relay location and status to all.

If I have the app connected will it update GPS locations of sender and receivers with this plugin?

Is the limitation of 60 second updates with long/slow a real limit? (I was hoping for at least 15 seconds)

I use 45 seconds for testing between three nodes with “Long/Slow” but then the network gets fairly saturated. Any more frequent then errors used to start to happen because of network congestion. We just added new protections to keep errors from happening for low priority uses (like range test) by skipping over unnecessary transmissions, but still it’s a lot of data.

If your question is about the frequency of updates, I’ll point you to: