New device release 1.2.30 ready for alpha testing!

I can see that, too. Whether it’s a LoRa32 or a T-Beam, powered by battery or via USB, they would eventually reboot. They all have the admin channel configured.

Plus, some nodes (of course it’s always the remote ones!) would eventually freeze, requiring a manual reboot. They would go on one, two or three days, then simply freeze.


I’m experiencing a question mark much of the time for the last contact counter. All my node are getting and relaying messages, but most of the time I just see a question mark. Sometimes the correct times are displayed but mostly they stay :question: any ideas?

Just seeing if anyone could chime in on my issue above? Still experiencing a lot of ? marks.

Yes, I still see that, while on the map last heards are reported.

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All but one on my network are heltec devices, so I’m not seeing them on the map. The one tbeam always has updated time.