New big RUSSIAN community

Уважаемые коллеги, если прочитали статью про Meshtastic-сеть на Хабре, заинтересовались темой и наконец попали на этот дисурс-форум, то добро пожаловать в наше Русскоязычное сообщество.
Мы уже не одиноки! По нескольким городам начали создаваться локальные сообщества энтузиастов.

Dear colleagues, if you read the article about the Meshtastic network on , became interested in the topic and finally got to this discourse forum, then welcome to our Russian-speaking community.
We are no longer alone! Local communities of enthusiasts began to form in several cities

Общероссийская телеграмм-группа:
• Телеграмм-группа г.Санкт-Петербург:
• Телеграмм-группа г.Краснодар:
• Телеграмм-группа г. Екатеринбург:
• Телеграмм-группа г. Новосибирск:
• Международная группа по общению:
• Официальный сайт проекта:
• Русскоязычный сайт:

New Russian article about the Meshtastic-network on [](Meshtastic – оперативно-тактический радиочат без сотовой связи и интернета. Часть 1. Знакомство / Хабр)


Good article on meshtastic, thank you worth a read with google translate (for those of us who can not read Russian).

Any developers in that community? I’m sure @geeksville would love some PRs to the repo.

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Dear friends. has certain rules for the design of articles. I had to remove all direct links to the author, but wherever possible, I refer to the author of the project in the text. For this reason, I indicated all the links to the community in this topic.

I continue to write a large user manual. My second article has already been published. It is dedicated to branded devices. In the next article, I plan to describe homemade Meshtastic-modems.

The second article can be read HERE.

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The third article on the topic of meshastic was published on It is dedicated to homemade radio modem assembly.
You can read the article using the google translator HERE

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Dear colleagues, without unnecessary noise and pathos, I published the 4th article from the Mouse cycle. A step-by-step guide to flashing and configuring.

For non-Russian-speaking colleagues, I suggest using a google translator.

You can read the article HERE