MQTT Gateway Router.....wifi?

Reading through the threads I’m not seeing a direct answer to this question…

I have a node in my attic with a big antenna on it…I’d like to have it just sit there and route traffic along with any MQTT, almost like a gateway. From what I’ve read it doesn’t seem like turning on Wifi would accomplish this, correct? Is there a better way to create some sort of gateway?

Bonus question: Turning on Wifi would only make it accessible via a browser and NOT the app, right?

Thanks for the help…

Enabling Wifi on the node/device, and connecting it a ‘wifi hotspot’ with working internet connection would allow to be a ‘MQTT Gateway’. Routing traffic from (uplink) a MQTT Broker from your Lora Mesh (and also be used to downlink!). Ie gateway between local Lora mesh and MQTT.

In short, enabling WiFi, would be part of the process. But other configuration needed to make it working Gateway.

The Android App (not sure about iOS!), can connect to a device via HTTP (ie web). This would need your mobile device to be connected to the same wifi-network as your lora/meshtastic device/node. (unless you know enough about networking to configure routing between networks)

Ok, that doesn’t sound too bad…I think I’ll just try it out and see what happens.

Perhaps the only thing to caution, so be careful about enabling ‘downlink’ in particular.

You might end up downloading a LOT of traffic from the MQTT broker, and overwhelm your lora mesh.

Of course depends what you set your MQTT Broker, and the ‘Root Topic’ - as there may be multiple separate physical meshes/gateways all publishing to a topic.