Minimum android version is 5

I’m not seeing it in the app store is it because of the model of my phone? Samsung sch-r890 android version 4.4.2

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@joego, in that case, look into the Google Play Store browser version and open the link in your Google Play Store app. There will be a compatibility message if its not supported.

Anyway, i think when you can’t find it, your device/android is unsupported… it’s recommended to use Android 6.1 or later because of a major bluetooth-API update.

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Thank you for your reply. I looked at my old android phone and it has 4.4.2 and so I bought another inexpensive phone to use.

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yes - BLE support wasn’t added to Android until Android 5 (and it was super buggy until android 6)

Good to know I’m heading in the right direction thanks for the tip. I bought a new inexpensive Android phone and wanted to buy a pre paid sim card but they don’t seem to offer them anymore from what I see. I already have a plan with a apple phone.

If you want to mess around with your old phone, there’s LineageOS builds available for it that claim to run Android10

I’ve got a pair of Galaxy S4’s (not the Mini) running Android 8/LineageOS14 builds that are running Meshtastic perfectlty.