Meshtastic Telegram groups

Hi guys, I’ll list here a few Telegram groups that are already there:

  1. German - Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_de (inactive)
  2. French - Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_fr (inactive)
  3. Polish - Telegram: Contact @MeshtasticPL (active)
  4. Portuguese - Telegram: Contact @meshtasticpt (active)
  5. Spanish - Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_es (inactive)
  6. Ukrainian - Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_ua (active)

Please note that those marked as inactive are without members just yet - I’ve created them recently

Feel free to add more groups in the future, below this post


Italy - Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_italia (very active, Italian language only)

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Apparently, there’s non-searchable German group: Telegram: Contact @meshtasticgermany

I’ve closed Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_de in favor of Telegram: Contact @meshtasticgermany

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** Krasnodar - Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_KRD (active)
**Novosibirsk - [Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_Новосибирск]
(Telegram: Contact @Meshtastic_nsk)(active)

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What about the usa, discord is not ideal in my mind?

Telegram is seemingly more popular in Europe than it is in the states, at least as far as I can tell. The single largest community we have online, would likely be the Discord server with 4800 members. It’s quite active.

I prefer TG over discord since discord owners have decided to be political.

Yesterday I created this channel that will include meshtastic since I’ll be integrating a BLE mesh project with it.

Just comment on any post and that should add you to the CHAT group where you can then chat directly.

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Meshtastic Brasil - @meshtastic_br

Romanian - Telegram: Contact @Meshtastic_RO

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I’ve closed Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_es in favor of Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_esp per request from one of Spanish users.

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Thanks @tb0hdan we are building little by little a good spanish Community in that TG Group: Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_esp