Meshtastic keyboard suport

Hello, is it possible to add the option to send messages using 2 buttons only:
Button 1: Select letters from A-Z
Button 2: - Short press: select the letter that has been chosen by button 1
- Long Press: Send the message

Or use an I2C keyboard,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

It’s usefull when the phone may be dead and you’re in the mountains.

yes, such an option would be possible. Though I think another possible variant on this could be what the Garmin emergency satellite messengers do:

Let the app configure a few “precanned messages” which are stored on the device. The more limited device GUI could let the user choose from those messages for sending.

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Yes, and I think we can do both.If the message is not enough or you need to specify more details, you can try to use the 2 buttons to type fast messages.

Also it would be cool to make this on the TTGO v2.0 V2.1 possible through mounting dedicated buttons.It’s easy and it boost meshtastic founctionality a lot.

Edit.I just saw the new feature ideeas.You will implement founctionality from 1.5

Ok, I think a bit about the situation:

The best use case and the easyest way to do this is through buttons.
1.Ttgo already have them
2.They are more lite than an I2C board
3.They extend the capability of V2.0 V2.1 a lot

The plan:

  • Select message from a pre-defined list
  • Type a message using 2 buttons if you need a custom message.

Easy 2 do and easy for the users to implement.
Later you can add the I2C keyboard, as I think is a pain in the ass