Meshtastic iOS app - first alpha release

Hi all,

good news for apple folks: we just released a first version of what could become an iOS meshtastic app:

Current features

  • Connect to meshtastic devices
  • Send and receive messages
  • Set device config and owner information

Right now, messages that are sent/received are not stored persistently.
Any help from testers and other iOS developers is appreciated.

Test the app

You can now install the app via this link: Join the Meshtastic beta - TestFlight - Apple
Requires the Apple Testflight app.

The code is available on github: GitHub - thepoweroftwo/meshtastic-ios: iOS App for Meshtastic


Hi, I can test the app.
I’m waiting a lot this app😂
If you have the already compiled .ipa, I can already install it on a jailbreak device.


Sure, does this work?

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Unfortunately isn’t, I’m stuck whit IOS13.2.
Can you change the minimum IOS version?

Check the link again, I added a target_13.0.ipa
Very untested though.


Now it’s installed. :heart_eyes:

When I’m at home I do some test.

Thanks a lot.


No luck the app is stuck “no device found”, even when I tried to first connect the device and phone via bluetooth and then run the app.


Ok, that was expected. The app uses BLE features that might have changed from iOS 13 to 14. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait or upgrade to iOS 14.


I can also try on a old 6S whit iOS 14.
I do some test later.

iPhone X, iOS 14.4
The app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified

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See The app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified on iOS 14.4 · Issue #2 · thepoweroftwo/meshtastic-ios · GitHub
This is helpful info for everyone who wants to install the app. The .ipa files only work if your device is jailbroken.

The easiest option is to write me your full name used in your apple account and your email address. Then I can add you to the app testflight, which will allow you to install the app and update to future versions easily.
Unfortunately apples app distribution and signing system is extremely restrictive, therefore this is necessary.

Edit: See the first post for new instructions on how to install and test the app


Great! Than you for adding app to TestFlight. I installed app a moment ago and have some minor notes so far. I will give you feedback in few days. Great work. Is there any chance to support? I can make translation at least :smiley:


@thepoweroftwo if it helps (once you are ready for that) for the android app I was pleased to discover that folks are generally really good about sending in translations (>20 languages donated). Usually by sending in easy to merge pull requests.

I don’t know what the iOS equivalent is, but if you have the strings in separate localizable files, it will probably be pretty quick to get offers of translations.


Up and running on my iPad.


Once you enter debug mode there isn’t a way to get back out without restarting the app. Plus all the messages are in German?

This is a great start for the iOS app, thank you very much!

Quick question (I am still on 1.1.48): I have two nodes. Node A is controlled by meshtastic-python, and node B using the iPhone app.
If I send a message from node B using the iPhone app (“broadcast”), node A receives this message. However, when I send a message from node A using “–sendtext”, then node B shows this message correctly on its display, but the message does not show up in the iOS app.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @thepoweroftwo really great app - thanks for all your work. I have tested it on four tbeams all running 1.1.50 - three at home and one when out walking. Pairing is fast and very stable - much better than my android. It seems I can broadcast to all my tbeams or select an individual device - very nice. I have noticed that if I am walking the messages transfer when I am within 100ms but fail when I am around 2km away. I do not quite understand why this happens - I think there is no issue with the signal strength. Have you seen this at all? Also I do like the new 1.2.6 version which seems a big step up in terms of speed/stability. Will the app be able to work with 1.2.6 in the near future? Thanks again.

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Does the message show up in the “Debug” tab in the iOS app?
If not, I’ll first have to reproduce this myself. What text are you sending exactly?

Does sending messages with your android work 2km away when it doesn’t with the iOS app?
This sounds more like a problem with the reception between the T-Beams. The app basically just sends a command to the device which tells it to send a message over the radio.
A range of under/around 2km seems normal in urban environments.

Did you try setting the radio parameters?

Hi - I will try today to test this out further - I just noticed it on the only test walk I have done and from my garden to my house. So not a lot of data. I am a bit stuck with android - my one device is on 1.2.7 - I will need to find a 1. something version apk.

I have been using all my devices for plus six months and I think they are fine but it is odd that the messages failed and probably something with my setup. I will get back to you with more data today/tomorrow. Thanks for your help.