Meshtastic firmware compatibility with other arduino boards

Hello, I have been using the meshtastic application for a short time. it is a very comprehensive software. at first I should also mention that I am not very old in programming and I am a newbie. so I would like to get help on one issue. I want to use this application with arduino boards other than the introduced boards and I also want to connect to the tablet via Serial connection if it happens. So what I actually want is that arduino nano or promicro, uno with one of these floors, how can I use LoRa 3.0 version according to this software. maybe it will make you work, but for a young person like me, this will be an application that will positively affect my future projects and programming life. please someone help me.

Nano is just not powerful enough to run meshtastic. You can use one with the serial module Serial Module Configuration | Meshtastic

it’s sad news, but thank you.