Meshtastic complete options

A couple of days ago I came across a link that showed in detail all of the meshtastic options. Today the link at “” is no longer available.

Is this being updated?


As is stated on GitHub - meshtastic/Meshtastic-protobufs: The protobuf definitions for the Meshtastic project

“For documentation please visit the Meshtastic Docs.”

Now we have all documentation in one place.

This will be a fairly common issue. Up to this point documentation has been scattered around the various repos. With consolidation it is going to break many forum links resulting in 404s.

There are three options

  • Dig into earlier commits to find the document that had been linked (all the data is still there, it shows what’s been removed)

  • Look on for the new documentation (in progress)

  • Contribute to the documentation for anything you find that’s been missed!


btw - wow the new protobuf docs are super pretty.

I agree! That’s all @sachaw.