LoRa dongle for phone?

I have not seen mention but was wondering if there is a LoRa radio that can be plugged into smartphones? Would that not allow connection to the network for mobile users with the least effort? No extra devices to charge and carry.

Pine Phone has a lora radio add on, and there was effort to support it.

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FWIW, I have found that my iPhone (12 mini) can power my RAK 19003 + 4631 setup via Apple’s lightning to USB camera adapter and a USB-A to USB-C adapter:

Whether it can source enough current to meet the board’s needs for max transmit power, I dunno. There’s no official figure from Apple that I can find, but anecdotally I have seen suggestions the max is ~100ma, whereas the 4631 supposedly draws 125ma at 20db. So as you approach that, you might see a warning from the phone (“attached accessory uses too much power”).

It does power up and mesh with my other devices around the house though. Makes for a pretty minimal setup, gonna try to do some range testing with it this weekend.

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