Latency measurement in the environmental measurement plugin, is possible?

is possible to add a date or time variable to the enviromental measurement plugin? because i need to measure the latency of temperature and humidity? if is possible how i can do that? pls help

It has time already if time is available on the mesh.

As far as i know, gps mechanism is using calculate time latency from satellite time so it would be use in mesh

how can you do that? is there a guide or something? sorry but im lost

where i can see that?

Do you have the environmental monitoring working on your mesh?

What do you mean by measuring latency of temperature and humidity?

yeah, but i want to measure the latency too

measure the time that goes from the sensor to a device that has that sensor installed, and then measure the time that goes from the device to the device that acts as a gateway, in order to do a subtraction and see the latency of these, I mean, I want measure the time of both arrival and departure of this data and then make a calculation and get the latency as a result

How will that information be used? What amount of granularity do you need?

Time is on the new telemetry packets in 1.3 so I think consuming and analyzing this data via MQTT is probably what you want. You can look in the debug log on android to see if the environmental measurement packets in 1.2 have time.

The question was poorly formulated, sorry, I’ll ask it again in another post