Is it problematic to remove BL antenna?

I’m using a RAK4630 nrf52 as router. From other discussions I understood, that it is not possible to turn off bluetooth to bring a router into stealth mode. For the nrf52 is it problematic, since there is no BL code, so anyone can connect with the device and read out messages.

Would it be ok to just remove the BL antenna? Or does this cause problems on the chip, as there would be if the LORA antenna is not installed?

Or does one know any other option to turn off BL?

turn on the router mode and BLE and wifi will turn off almost immediately.

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Thanks, I will try. :pray:

I activated the router mode, BLE was off. But know all nodes show 4-6 d since last seen, including the router. So it seems that the router mode has some negative effects on the mesh. Note, the router is connecting several T-Beam nodes in the area. Also messages are not sent any more (cloud is crossed).

Somehow, this looks for me like a bug in the router mode. A bit too much stealth mode…

This problem is still involved. Router mode switches off BL, but also destroys the connection with the mesh. So my question is still, would it be an option to remove the BL antenna or can I turn off BL separately via CLI?

Please open a feature request to be able to disable the bluetooth radio. That won’t be too difficult.