iOS Device metrics are a bit odd

Screenshots below.

I have my RAK 4631 wisblock connected to a couple 18650s and a solar panel connected through USB-C. The device metrics on iOS were fine and sending with timestamps until I took down the node to check a few things in the build, and in the meantime I charged the batteries with a charger (because at the time the solar wasn’t connected to the node yet), and when I set it up again, the metrics are sending without a timestamp ever since even though I didn’t change any settings and it has worked before.

The other question is the graph shows the battery is at 75 consistently, what does that mean? Why isn’t it reflecting the mAh changes?

The two screenshots show the point of where I disconnected and charged the batteries and reconnected again but with the solar plugged in this time.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Firmware version: 2.3.12

I’m guessing it might be because without a gps module, the node would use the phone’s clock/gps, but if the phone isn’t connected then it doesn’t have that data to log?