Ios App 1.3.30 - problem saving settings changes

Having some problems with the new 1.3.30 ios app. When going into some of the settings pages, either the changes I make don’t save, or the save button doesn’t light up.

App Settings - I am able to change my username and it will retain the change
User Config - I change the long and short names, and hit the save button, but the changes don’t stick
LoRa Config - I change the region, but the save button is still greyed out

I’ve deleted the app and even testflight and reinstalled but no luck. I went from .27 to .30 so I’m not sure when these quirks started. It was ok on .27

Upon further review, it seems that the User Config change did actually push out to the TBeam. I had to exit the app and relaunch it for the change to show up. Simply coming in and out of settings wouldn’t show the change. Also, after making the User config change, and exiting and relaunching the app, I was able to get the LoRa config save button to light up, so I have the region set now too. Strange…

Messaging issues:

Android Tablet → TBeam1 ->Tbeam2 → iPhone ==== messages show up on Tbeam2 but not iPhone until I exit the app and relaunch it on the iPhone

iPhone → TBeam2 ->Tbeam1 → Android Tablet ==== first message gets delivered successfully but after that, nothing goes through. I have to exit the iOS app, and relaunch. Then I can get one message through, but that’s it. So basically, I have to reboot the app after sending each message.

All devices are running 1.3.30. Hope this helps.

There is an admin message log under settings where you can see if the device acknowledged the setting message. Any of the lora config settings (and many of the other settings) require a device reboot to work.