Internal web server setup


I’m trying to setup the internal web server on one of my T-Beam devices. It is connected to a RPi 3B+, and was flashed to 1.2.30 using the script. When it is set to use the Soft AP, it sets the IP Adress, WIFI SSID and Password correctly. The parameters wifi_ssid, wifi_password, and wifi_ap_mode have also been set. Unfortunately, the device cannot be accessed through a web browser, or even pinged.

I’m missing something somewhere, can someone please tell me where I am going astray? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Karl Baker


I just tried the over, AP mode and it works as an AP access point.

You can start by visiting the Wiki page at : How to use "Meshtastic Web" over WiFi · meshtastic/Meshtastic-device Wiki · GitHub

This wiki explains the problem you are having, along with instructions for accessing the Web static page.

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What device are you attempting to connect to the soft AP? You’ll need to join the network the tbeam is broadcasting in order to access it. More details here.

Currently if you go to my-ip-address or meshtastic.local you’ll just see a button stating to connect to device (unless you’ve uploaded a different index.html). To see the file system available, you can go to my-ip-address/static or meshtastic.local/static

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Thanks for your comments and support, got it to work. Sometimes can’t see the Forrest for the trees.