How to measure the latency in ms since my node(TBEAM) collects the temperature until the temperature reaches my gateway?

Hello, we are using meshtastic 1.2.53 for an applied IOT project in precision agriculture.
We measure the temperature and humidity from the DHT11 sensor connected to our node and send it through LoraWAN to a gateway and from the gateway it is sent by mqtt to node-red.
We need to know the time in ms from when the environmental data is collected until it reaches our gateway through LoRAWAN
Is there any way to get this?

Is time a field on your environmental measurement packets? This is probably not available in 1.2, we barely got it working before transitioning to 1.3 work. I would say that is a pretty old firmware and a bunch of work did take place after that.

worth mentioning you won’t get millisecond precision with LoRa (though you probably don’t need it either). you can extrapolate time from most packets but don’t expect any sort of real-time data from it.

Could be possible to sync the device clock with gps, customize the telemetry plugin to timestamp readings with the gps time and then send that out over meshtastic. As long as the device you’re receiving also has a tight synchronization of time, you will be ‘ok’.

That’s kinda how the pictures of the black hole were taken … minus the meshtastic layer.

With just a little bit of programming, you could pack the time, temperature and humidity into the payload package, then it wouldn’t really matter how long time it spends in transit.

in 1.3 all telemetry packets have (source) time info. So if you have a little bit more patience … :slight_smile: