How to fix repeated pairing requests

Could you reply here (or send me a note)? I have some questions about a (non fatal) analytics bug report I just received.

hmm @IZ1IVA could this be your device? If so, I just pushed out 1.2.21 of the android app to fix this bug.

Samsung Galaxy S7. Update installed,thanks.

I’ve sent in a bug report from the app running on a Galaxy S4, because since app 1.2.20 is unable to connect to Meshtastic devices via Bluetooth. It’s running LineageOS.

I’ve also sent a bug report from the S7, since it now connects to Meshtastic devices, but the pairing doesn’t stick. After successfully pairing, it keeps asking for a pairing code.

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Some Android versions have bugs with managing pairing keys. I suspect the following will fix:

  1. Uninstall meshtastic
  2. Forget meshtastic devices in Android settings.
  3. Reboot
  4. Reinstall meshtastic
  5. Pair.

Can you try this? (I used to feel bad about recommending this until I discovered even Garmin has the same FAQ entry :joy:)

I did try that already, but hasn’t solved the issue. Will try again later.

Garmin software is notoriously bad!

OK, now it works. Cheers!