How to controll Relay

I have a lot of sport on a field, that i want to be able to controll.

I was thinking of making a lora32 connect to a Sonoff some how,
Either over Wi-Fi or via the Temperature connector.

But how can i du it?

I an thinking to have one unit neer a Wi-Fi AP so it can be controled over the Internet maby with MQTT or a Website.
Can some one help me making this happen?

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Hello @mekodak I hope your stay in the forum will be pleasant :slight_smile:

Maybe you can connect a meshtastic node via MQTT or via a serial connection :sweat_smile::thinking:
Or also use the web interface

I want to connect the lora32 to a SOnOff (ESP8266) on it’s GPIO14
Can i connect that pin somewhere on the Lora32 so i can get a two way comunication?
So i can let the Lora32 send a ON/OFF command to the SOnOff
And maby the SOnOff can confirm frew same connection?