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I´m trying to comunicate with my meshtastic device using the TCPInterface of the Python API, but I cannot find the IP Address of my ESP32. Maybe it´s a simple question but I can´t get over it.

Thank you all!

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@thneckelmann You could try locating your esp32 in your router client list. I cant recal, but it might even print in the serial output on reboot.


Push the middle button on the esp32, there’s a screen with the network settings, including the IP address.


How do I do on a device without a display?

Can I use the Python API to check the current IP address?

You can also use an app like Fing or a command line utility like nmap to find your device on the network.

Your router usually has a clients page that will show you all of your assigned IP addresses.


I can do all that, but it somehow makes sense to simply query this using the Python API, doesn’t it? :upside_down_face:

If you join it to your local network or use the onboard access point, point your browser to:


That doesn’t always work, but is very convenient when it dies.

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