Heltec power switch on/off

I searched but didnt find anything. Is there a way to put the heltec in a deep sleep or turn it off using one of the switches on the board? Or do I need to add an inline switch? New to meshtastic and got some cheap heltec boards. Didnt care for any of the cases that were on thingiverse. I made a slim case that holds the board and battery with a loop to hang it on a backpack like the gotenna. But didnt think about adding a switch for turning it on and off.

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WoW - i‘like this design! Where i‘can found the Printer files?

I have not uploaded them any where yet. I need to change the design up to be able to add a power switch.

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I am still trying to figure if there is a way to shutdown using the buttons but… In the mean time if you go into the radio configuration, under Power Config you could set up a “Shutdown on battery” to 600 (10 minutes) this should turn it off. Then you can use the reset button the turn it back on (or connect it to USB). You also need to turn on Power Saving, I think.

New update

  • Reset Button (bottom):

    • Single press: Resets the device.
  • User/Program Button (top):

    • Long press: Will signal the device to shutdown after 5 seconds.
    • Single press: Changes the information page displayed on the device’s screen.
    • Double press: Sends an adhoc ping of the device’s position to the network.
    • Triple press: Enables/Disables the GPS Module on demand. If an NPN Transistor is added it will cut power to the GPS board. The NPN pin must be configured on the PIN_GPS_EN inside the Position module in the App for this switching to work.

This should resove your question, 5 second press on prog button to turn off. No external switch required

My heltec turns itself back on if shut down when connected to battery is there a way to turn this function off ?

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Holding for 5 seconds just reboots the device on the newest firmware on a hectec v3

I have a Heltec V3 on “ Beta” and holding the top button for 5 seconds turns the device off, pressing it again resumes the device, I suspect it enters a deep hibernation, I also have a mechanical switch to cutoff direct power from battery.

Oh you’re right. I got it. Has to be pressed for exactly 5 seconds.

That is correct. On ESP32 devices holding the user button down for 5-7 seconds will do what we call a “soft off” which puts the device into super deep sleep.