GPS pin assignments for custom boards

What pin can I use for external GPS module(NMEA) on TTGO lora v2 ? Are GPS RX/TX pins defined in firmware(bin)?

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Looks like the TTGO V2 build uses the standard pin definitions. image


Thank You.
#elif defined(TTGO_LORA_V2)

#define DIO2_GPIO 34 // DIO1 & DIO2 are not currently used, but they must be assigned to a pin number.
I tried and it doesn’t work. It looks like, by default, no GPS pin assignmets :frowning_face:

Oops. I don’t have a Lora v2 board to try, but you can pick any unused gpio for the gps pins. See the change @zombodotcom made for the heltec for an example. After you pick suitable different pins (and it works) a PR would be appreciated.

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I made changes to the heltec Lora v2 pin definitions, the default pins were screwing with the heltec loras oled screen. Changed the pins in the configuration.h file to 36 and 37. Might be different for the ttgo.

Also when I added the neo6m module from Amazon , it takes a second to get the GPS signal

Let me know if you need any more help.

Check the master configuration.h file and search heltec and you’ll be able to find the pin changes I made.


Thank You! I tried to build a project, but I get errors in dependencies in PlatformIO(with old versions of firmware). I’ll try to do it again.

Geeksville, please, can You add the pin(as standart for future releases) in the configuration.h file #elif defined(TTGO_LORA_V2) for external GPS module, this pin is free.

#define GPS_RX_PIN 36

I can’t compile the project on Win(dependencies).

Thank You!

What about the TX pin. Would the following two choices work for your board?

#undef GPS_RX_PIN
#undef GPS_TX_PIN
#define GPS_RX_PIN 36
#define GPS_TX_PIN 37

#define GPS_RX_PIN 36
#define GPS_TX_PIN 13

PIN 37 - absent

ok its in! but I probably won’t be pushing out a new device build until tomorrow

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It’s ok. I’m not in a hurry. Thank you!