Gpio-wrb example?

Trying to get gpio-wrb to work. When I try:

meshtastic --port /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART --dest ‘!d1c8fc30’ --gpio-wrb 13 1

I get:

Connected to radio
Exception while handling connection: No gpio channel found, please create before using this (secured) service

Any ideas? Currently tearing my hair out…

Conversely a short .py example similar to the sendText example would really help.

hmm - I think you must be using the alpha test version of the code. Alas, now that 1.2 has multiple simultaneous channels we can lock down dangerous plugins (like gpio) so that only trusted users can remotely mess with hardware on nodes.

I’ll be writing a doc on how to do this sometime this weekend.

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Yes, using Meshtastic V1.2.11 and FW V1.2.10
Thanks, OK to know that you are working on it and not a problem my side.
In the meantime, I am working on the SerialPlugin - more news to follow!

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hi @geeksville any news on this topic? I’m working on a network to switch devices on the mesh network throught a master node connect to the python api.

@pedroExplorer oh yes - this feature is now stable and reasonably well documented.