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today, i’was try the firmeware firmware-tbeam-EU865-1.1.30.bin.

First, with Linux flash the Board works very fine … but my problem is, is the display driver, i’m using
SH1106 from AZDelivery.

So my problem is, how i’build a version later i’have modfiy the configuration.h (use SH1106)

where i’can found a easy go bulding doc for ubuntu linux …

thx for help!

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Here is a update!

i’was get connection with minicom over usb. bluetooth connections was also, ok! i’was read the key over terminal (minicom). later i’was set my name, and try take the channel default, it’s show now the chanel #Default-G and show me a QR-Code.

But, of course the Display SH1106 dont work correct and show only something white mess

Check out the build doc here. Hope this helps!


Oh, many thx for help!


Great News, now my SH1106 Display work! But what is to do, in MeshRadio.h? I’m EU865, how i say this there.

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haha, now this is realy funny, with my own build my position symbol in the android map came up … this was never happen before. also, i get indoor fast gps connect and show my position.

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The region isn’t defined in MeshRadio.h. You can define it in configuration.h by adding the line

#define HW_VERSION_EU865

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This is because of the new changes in 1.1.31, most likely.

Or use meshtastic --set region x.

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i‘was do this in configuration.h