Flashing Green LED

Hey there,

Quick question on the flashing green LED on the TTGO Lora32 seems to pulse every few seconds (i’m gathering this is for packet send/receive?).

Also I have soldered in an additional button for the page navigation to GPIO12, which works great, holding down changes brightness, single click flips between pages, but double clicking the button seems to do two long green LED flashes, but no idea what it does (and there’s nothing on screen to indicate what it did?).

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That LED will blink in three cases.

  1. The CPU has woken up from sleeping.
  2. You have requested that LED to blink from the web interface. (Work in progress)
  3. The button is double clicked and the LED will blink to acknowledge that you have double clicked the button. This is to force the ble pairing passcode to 123456 . Very useful when pairing a device without a screen.
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Which of the three buttons would initialize ble passcode pairing? I suppose I could just try with on of my units. Though I’m pretty I pressed them all multiple times for the heck of to see what would show on the screen. :rofl: