FLARM messages support

For paragliding it would be nice to periodically broadcast FLARM messages from the device (or maybe even switch all the position messages to FLARM). FLARM protocol uses same frequencies as Lora, but modulates FSK.
Is there a natural way to modify Meshtastic device code to send/receive messages on different modulations/channels? For example, maybe a plugin can be configured to use a specific channel/modulation and the device will switch the radio chip to that configuration when plugin sends. The receiving side seems more complicated, maybe some time allocation schema for plugin rx slots? Just brainstorming here, any better suggestions?


Have you seen any projects do this?

I’m by no means an expert, but I have doubts that the radio modules can support it. A lot of LoRa magic seems to be implemented in the radio hardware.

Even if the radio modules allowed you to do it the next issues would likely be support in the software library used to talk to the radio modules.

It appears that softRF supports FLARM :grin:

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Indeed, both SoftRF and GXAir claim support FLARM out. (whatever version of FLARM that was decoded)

Very interesting.

I took a quick look but didn’t have time to see what features work on the different supported radios.

I think Meshtastic is using the RF95 library to talk to the radio hardware.

I did some poking around SoftRF but did not see what library they use.