Fall detection?

Is there a power efficient way to implement fall detection with the ESP32 and an Accelerometer or would a separate low power micro controller be needed to monitor for a possible fall condition then wake the ESP32 to ask the user if they are ok?

some i2c accelerometers are pretty smart now. Check datasheets, but I’ve seen some (I don’t remember which) with fall detection type thresholds as something you can can program into the accelerometer itself and then it will send an interrupt to the CPU (which could also wake the esp32 from sleep).

I think I found what we are looking for ADXL345. Build In fall detection, 23 μA during normal use and 0.1 μA during standby. It also detects General activity, this would allow even more options to reduce general power consumption

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Did you ever make progress with this project?
What accelerometer did you decide on?