Exact gps behaviour and gps_attempt_time

I’m trying to understand the exact GPS behaviour and the influence of gps_attempt_time.
I understand that gps_attempt_time determines the time that the device is max. allowed to wait for a fix. If it acquires a fix, does it return earlier than gps_attempt_time? If so, at which fix quality and is this fix quality configurable?

Additionally, I followed the serial output and it appears that on my T-Beam 1.1 M8N, the GPS LED is steady red when the firmware reports WANT GPS=0 and turns off when it says Setting GPS power=1. That is slightly confusing :laughing:

Yes, it does. gps_attempt_time is the upper limit.

First solution with fix type = 3D.

Not currently, and not a 10-minute task.

This is indeed confusing but matches my observations.
Steady red appears to mean “power is available, but module is powered off”, while dark means “no fix” (or “no power”). At least the PPS pulse does what it says :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the explanation!