Enabling/disabling WiFi from device

Since firmware v1.1.23 it’s easy to enable the WiFi SoftAP Admin Mode with user and reset buttons.

However, I cannot find a way to disable it, save from the Python API. Is it just me?

To disable wifi admin mode, just reset the device.

Those settings are not saved anywhere. It’s just a one bit global memory variable that’s set by having the button pushed on startup.

By “reset the device” you mean by using the factory_reset boolean? I was wondering whether it could be done with the device buttons, just like the enabling.

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I thought he meant using the device buttn RST. Or power cycling the device.


Yeap, just power cycle it or use the reset button.

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Of course, you’re both right. Thank you!

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i’ve tried on two different devices both just give black screen “lora32 v1 and heltec v2” 1.1.32 fw

Could you file a bug? I have a lora32 v1 and can take a look tomorrow night.

LoRa32 specific

On LoRa32 boards, I cannot disable WiFi neither by resetting power, nor by issuing meshtastic --set wifi_ap_mode false. WiFi stays on no matter. Is it a bug?

  • Hold down the user button
  • Press and release the reset button
  • Count to 2
  • Let go of the user button

this doesn’t work exactly, holding the user button while resetting halts boot… BUT if i press it momentarily immediately after pressing reset does work