Easy APP for use on laptop WIN10?

Showing the meshtastic APP to other people who not have/use a smartphone, not have any programming skills to install or config the APP.
The feedback i received is,

  • APP version with very simple GUI for text messaging install on WIN10 laptop
  • WiFi or BT to communicate the APP to TBeam hardware.
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I have seen a couple with keyboards ready to use, but most are out of stock. They are coming soon, keep searching.

I2C keyboard support is being worked on, but there are no devices with keyboards supported currently.

:+1:OK thanks, I stand corrected.

The iOS and android apps are the easiest installs. Desktop computers are much less common than phones at this point so the phone apps are the software clients to use for the least technical users.

Thank you. laptop still be soled in large quantities. When developing a disaster like app, it be ready for wide range of users, all ages like the young ones, the elderly and user friendly setup. Smartphones are 3 categories users, below age 30 use smartphones, below age 50 smartphone + PC/laptop, age 60 and upwards the laptops be more commonly used.

This cross platform app is available PyGUI application | Meshtastic and there is a macOS app in TestFlight, no one has show much interest in developing a windows app to date but it would be welcome.

Our web interface is beautiful and works great on windows. Give that a shot.

A easy way for Tbeam or other hardware,
when plugin or detect to a USB port, automatic start or load the webinterface .js file use IP or localhost? When not be used, just click/close the browser window. (like netgear, huawei and any other WiFi, LTE modems).

i always try respond from “new user” point of view, to trigger the experiences.

web interface
WIN10 Firefox show white page, is this correct?
WIN10 EDGE show page
WIN10 Chrome show page

Android 10 Firefox show white page, is this correct?
Android 10 Chrome show white page, is this correct?

I don’t have an android 10 device but your Windows browser support list is up to date and I think the same browsers work under linux.

Both Safari and Chrome are not working on macOS

WIN10 Firefox browser 95.02
(Chrome / Edge i do not update, but working)
I try linux if you like?
I try raspberry Pi if you like?
Android 10 brand nw machine. I buy just to test mashtastic
Sorry, not have MAC

This is Chrome 97.0.4692.71 on macOS
It’s working :slight_smile: