Dynamic Spreading Factor?

I was wondering if part of 1.2 we could introduce support for increasing the spreading factor for retransmission of packets.

Say our example ‘channel’ has a base SF of 7,but we don’t get an ack so when we retry use a SF of 8.

This could really improve the over all channel utilization and latency when devices are near each other, but as they move farther apart still keep a link.

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This is a very interesting idea!

And if the receiver got the same message twice, it also changes its SF for its second ack. (for the case the message came through, but the ack not)

(could be wrong, i dont know if the receiver gets the message which is sent with different SF setting)

Excellent idea! This is why I like this kind of community.

When i first started learning about LORA I recall reading that a LORAWAN gateway can hear nodes that use different encoding settings as long as they are on the same RF channel. I am hoping meshtastic can do the same, and assume that is the basses of the future multi channel support.

Sounds like some kind of autonegotiation.

Wish I had the time I had some years ago to participate in coding, but for now i will just be a spectator while meshtastic becomes world dominating :rofl:

could add in auto power level too… suppose you’d just have links respond with rssi and tune tx to maintain an optimal level