Do you plan on going to Burning Man 2022?


I got this 915mhz 12dbi antenna from a Helium hotspot to be placed on top of our tower, I believe it will provide line of sight to pretty much anywhere in BRC. I also got a solar panel to make the installation self-sufficient.


Will you be on the default channel?

That’s the idea, yes. I am completely new at this, are LongSlow, LongFast, etc using the same channel ?

If you’re setting this up for “public” use, just use all the default settings for channel configuration. Any changes will change your cryptographic keys.


Not quite - those are different modulation settings. Afaik a single device can’t listen to both longfast and longslow settings at the same time. (unless maybe someone made some thing using a SDR)

I sent a few modules out yesterday, and will be joining them in a week. I did default settings and set a custom PSK with the python CLI tool on all of them.

That way they should be able to mesh relay for anyone else in the default settings, but keep messages / locations private. (I don’t care if random people know where I am, I just don’t want to have to scroll a lot on the one button UI)

So set the PSK, it’s something like:
meshtastic --ch-index 0 --ch-set psk 0x0123456789abcdef

Where the 0x… Is followed by 64 digits in base 16 ( 0-f )

(Or hopefully that’s right because that’s what I did)

In a test last year, I only got about 2km, with the devices at human height - not very far for BRC. Having a few you can relay with that are high should make a large difference.

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thanks guys, I will do as tshundler mentioned, I plan to use LongFast for all our messages. I will be there during build week (Wednesday on) so I will have time to configure our devices before most of our camp gets to BRC.

EWS, I’m gong to be near you at 9:30 & C BRPL, during build week. Would enjoy collaborating.

So, why does the Windows GUI not reveal the 1.3 firmware? I guess I need to read about the CLI firmware updates. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Windows GUI isn’t ready yet. 1.3 is still in “Public Preview”.

If you can code, we could use a hand to get it across the finish line :slight_smile: It’s written in python.

You need the pre-release version of the flasher to flash 1.3 firmware, many of the CLI commands are different in 1.3

pip install --upgrade meshtastic-flasher --pre

The latest 1.3 build and setting region is what is currently available.

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So, how did it go for everybody?


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