Criteria by which a node sends telemetry messages to the mesh

I am trying to manage a mesh of about 30 nodes with a few router_client connected together via a mqtt server. I developed a python PyQt5 application to monitor all the messages interchanged by the various nodes in real time from a central point. One of the aims of my application is to detect possible situation of mesh saturation that could block some router_client cause AirUtilTX value exceeding 10%. I take care of letting the application check the telemetry messages content regarding ChanUtil and AixUtliTX but noticed that the node router_client connected to my application emits telemetry messages every minute while the rest of the nodes in the mesh do that at a pace between 15 minutes and one hour based on reasons not clear to me. I’d like to understand then what is the ratio by which a node sends a telemetry message to the rest of the mesh: is it something configurable (I couldn’t guess this) or it depends on what else? Thanks for the possible clue you could give me.

For device telemetry the BLE connected device updates every minute, mesh default is 15 minutes.

All the telemetry settings are available here Telemetry Module Configuration | Meshtastic

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Thanks a lot garth , I missed this info…

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