Copy Paste function of a message send but failed

Hi Meshtastic. I wanted to know if it is possible to use the function (Copy Paste of a message sent but failed for transmission reasons, without writing everything from the beginning) In the Application it seems that it is not possible to do it.
Could it be possible to implement in the next version?


It would be super easy to enable. Would you mind putting a bug in on github for meshtastic-android and link to this thread?

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Already done. I also added the forum discussion link like you said. Thank you for your time

Don‘t forget the re-send Button! :grinning:

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I believe, in the sent message it is necessary to add some functions,

  1. short click option send again, transforming the send key with double function without adding a second Buton to send but just one in the right.
  2. long click option copy and delete the message locally.
  3. In the option button, above on the right side have to put the option copy all the history of the chat plus delete the whole chat

I also think it is ideal to copy or rather imitate some messaging features from (WhatsApp and Telegram) They are quite functional in messaging

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Similar to a copy/paste, can I download a log/listing of all messages sent and received, any format would be OK but csv would be most useful