Configure node name without Andriod app

I have had a couple of looks at the documentation and forum and can’t see any guidance on how to configure a node name and or channel without using the Andriod app.
I’ve been successful using mestastic.exe with the --setpref switch to change some settings.
I assume this will require the python API. Any examples would be greatly received.

I have 4 Tbeam v1.1s and want to set them up with different names to give to friends who don’t have Android phones.

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I think you are almost the right track. In theory --setpref on the python app commandline should have let you do this. But it won’t currently. Would you mind putting a bug in for meshtastic-python for “setpref should allow setting string preferences” (currently only numeric parameters are implemented).

If you know python and are feeling brave, to fix this bug you really only need to change to first try applying the user’s requested parameter value as an int, but if you get an exception then try applying it as a string (our underlying python API does support string parameter setting - the only thing missing is proper command line argument parsing to handle that case in the python CLI app).