Changing channel name and psk

Good morning to all,

today I want to get used to the channel settings, especially the name and psk.
I know, that it is possible via commandline, but I still have a question.
If I change name and psk on one device via cmd, which will generate a new link/QRcode, can I do the same modification to a second device and will the second device generate the exact same link/QRcode? And will both devices be able to communicate with each other after the change?

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The second device will have a different encryption (QRCode/link) and they will not be able to communicate. You need to share the QRCode from the first device to the second device for them to be able to communicate.

If you set the same PSK via cmd/wifi on both devices, it will work like sharing the qr code.

only setting the same name in the app does not work because every app is generating its own random PSK.

Thanks for the reply.
I use a degoogled samsung S9, which for some reason can‘t read QR codes in order to use them in the meshtastic app.

In the meantime I just tested to change the change on three modules via command line in windows and IT WORKS. :slight_smile:
The devices can communicate to each other if you set all to the same name and psk.


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Yes You are right. I missed that you wrote ‘using cmd’. I was thinking from the app it is not possible to set PSK and then you get different encryption even if you use the same channel properties.

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